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2017 HGTV Smart Home | Desert Modern

AFTER THE SUCCESS Of the 2016 Smart Home, I was asked to return to design the 2017 HGTV Smart Home.

This year we went west into the desert, with a location of Scottsdale, Arizona. When I saw the architect’s vision, I knew I had to dream up a desert-modern oasis.

(For loads more about the Smart Home, visit:

What I Love…

  • The Copper…. Plenty of research needed to be done to nail the style of this home, including research on Arizona. The folks there were quick to school me on the “Five C’s of the state… one of them being copper. Of course I had to use copper to its maximum potential.

  • The dining room walls. I wanted to capture a palm springs modern vibe in here. I turned a simple paint treatment into a background that is a visual masterpiece

  • The Great Room – I wanted to recreate the texture from the rock formation seen throughout the Arizona landscape. I used tile to recreate the look and the fireplace instantly became the rooms focal point. The twin couches creates an atmosphere for fireside chats and entertainment.

  • Outdoor space – We created an inviting and open outdoor space for family dining and entertaining. My idea was to bring vibrancy to the dessert with a contemporary chic feel.

  • The Master bathroom- Arizona is known for its spa retreats. I created a sophisticated spa oasis in the master bath. The use of tile patterns was important because it creates a 3-D illusion with the mirror contrasting with the tile lines.

  • Master Bedroom – I created a cozy space with a touch of elegance. I brighten up the room with cobalt blue fabrics and used contrasting patterns throughout the room’s accessories. My favorite accent piece is the African Headdress in the Master Bedroom.

  • Guest Bedroom

  • Terrace Space- I wanted to create a relaxing bedroom for all guests. The room is calm and inviting, with its quiet surroundings I tied the room together using a plush color and baby blue headboard.

  • Terrace Bathroom- I created a geometric statement wall in the shower with the continuation with the subway tiles. Adding plants gives the bathroom a southwestern vibe. For an added touch we added hardware made out of lucite.

  • Guest bedroom- For the guest bedroom I wanted to go full throttle Southwest. We used burnt orange accessories and a tribal print rug. The artwork above the bed pays homage to the Southwest sun. The room comes together with wood finishes.

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