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Colleen & Ron | Chicago Newlywed Home

I met Colleen and Ron through one of my HGTV Design Star buddies. They planted their roots in Chicago and found their forever home; a stunning condo in Chicago’s trendy Lincoln Park neighborhood. After meeting them in person I learned that our personalities were a perfect match. With that being said, Colleen and Ron’s Styles were polar opposites. Colleen’s aesthetic was all things Modern Glamor– the more shine and sparkle, the better. Ron, on the other hand, was more traditional with an interest in comfort, function, and history.


My design dilemma: Making two distinctly different styles attract.

The transformation:

  • My team and I turned a lack-luster condo with a ton of potential into a showplace.

  • We created the comfort our clients wanted, while adding a ton of glamour.

  • We selected and curated all of the furnishings, paint, wallpapers, and finishing touches.

  • We swapped all lighting out for these brilliant fixtures.


What I love:

  • The playfulness and colors throughout dining room.

  • The living room sofa. I’m normally not a fan of a chaise sofa, but the one we selected was the perfect combination for both Colleen and Ron.

  • The bedroom wallpaper. I mean… come on! It’s amazing!

  • Sitting framed art on the floor instead of hanging it on the wall. This is a fun touch that brings a room together.


My 3 tips for couples with opposite design aesthetics:

  • Find a common ground with inspiration. What are things that inspire you both?

  • Make sure both parties are equally represented in the space. You want to bring out your BEST selves!


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