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Julie | Northshore Living Room

What we did:

In order to identify this room, we had to first focus on purpose. We explored their hobbies, and what they loved to do. All roads lead to wine, family, and friends. Julie and her husband worked hard during the week, and loved entertaining on the weekends. We named the space the “Entertaining Room”.

Here’s the highlights of the rest of the project:

  • We revamped the furniture plan, creating a multitude of seating zones.

  • Added drapery in a rich navy color – which became the springboard for the color scheme.

  • Used Julie’s own photography and created a stunning gallery wall.

  • Selected all furnishings, lighting, textiles, and accessories..

  • Sourced a mix of high and low pieces to add character and even more interest to the room.


Total time – 7.5 months

I have been designing for Julie for 4 years now. Which is long enough to have nailed her style, and understand how her family lives. There was always this unidentified space in her home that I wanted to get my designer paws on. When she called me and told me that she was finally ready to add some character to that rooms in her home, I jumped right on it!

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