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Ketan & Kavita | West Side Chicago Condo

What we did:

I was on a mission. Not meaning to be dramatic – but this project could make or break
my fledgling business. Plus, I really instantly liked Ketan and Kavita. I wanted their
space to be as amazing as them. First off, we painted and updated the whole color scheme. Next we revised the floor plan to make it feel more cozy and less claustrophobic. To continue de-cluttering, we had the components rewired to hide the tangled mess of cords.

Then, we quadrupled the natural light flowing in by simply using a collage of mirrors. After all the furniture was selected and replaced, finally we finished up with accessories: pictures, books, florals, paintings, pillows, and drawings to add more texture and interest.


Total time – 4.5 months

Ketan and Kavita were newlyweds in a great apartment with an ideal layout that was nestled in the west loop. They wanted a space that was contemporary, with a touch of ethnic. They were dreaming of a “show-off space” that would cater to family, friends and everyone else.

Easy-peasy for most designers. However, this project was very stressful for one big reason: It was my first time out! Yes, besides my own home, this was my very first client. And during the first interview they told me that they had interviewed countless other designers in Chicago… and been unimpressed.

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