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Kinjal & Rakesh | A Man Cave for the Whole Family

What we did:

We started with a bare-bones, unfinished basement. I worked with my architect to dream up a space where Kinjal and Rakesh could have movie nights, entertain, work a little, and play a lot! With their vision in mind, I channeled my inner awesomeness and got to work. We all knew this project was going to be a very large undertaking. We had only our imaginations (and the budget) to hold us back. Even though I wanted to install all kinds of “Bat Cave amenities” in this basement; I restrained myself and kept Kinjal and Rakesh’s needs first and foremost. There were architectural meetings, construction documents to be drafted, permit situations to be fixed, endless material selections to be made, and don’t even get me started on the build process. But, in the end, the entire space came together beautifully.

Here’s the highlights of the rest of the project:

  • We brought a VERY HARD WORKING BAR to life. It’s basically a kitchen masquerading as a bar. It even has a dishwasher!

  • I designed and built a contemporary lighting fixture to live over the bar. (It’s so perfectly simple, I can’t stand it!)

  • We executed a multi-level theatre room and customized a stage area to accommodate a 108″ movie screen.

  • Sourced all building materials for the bar/kitchen, bathroom, flooring, and lighting selections throughout.

  • I sourced all building materials for the bar and bathroom, as well as the flooring, and lighting selections throughout..

  • I also selected all furnishings, window treatments, and accessories.


Total time – 15.5 months

I have known Kinjal and Rakesh for almost 8 years! They are pair of doctors who have great style and fantastic personalities. They were one of my first clients. I have been able to help them decorate almost every area in their home and it came as no shock when they called on my team to help them conquer the basement.

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