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Lisa & Charles | Rockton Family Room

What we did:

I started with a floor plan. I knew the success of this design rested in how the space was mapped out.

Lisa and Charles love modern furniture, but they couldn’t seem to give each room the warmth they were looking for with modern furnishings , despite their best efforts. I was inspired by photos that they gave me and certain elements int he home that they LOVED.

One thing they mentioned was the fireplace and its color. I decided that the fireplace had to be the starting point of the room design, and based the color palette off of that beautiful, earthy orange color.

Here’s the highlights of the rest of the project:

  • Charted out the furniture plan for each room.

  • Created blueprints for shelving above Cabinet Storage area. Lisa is an avid reader and my home girl needs a library!

  • Custom designed the sofas, chairs, and an ottoman for the living area.

  • Selected all furnishings, accessories, and art.

  • Created storage for the kids. They are now able to stash their toys when they’re not using them, reducing clutter and keeping the space nice and open.


What I love:

  • They gave me the green light to have fun with the fabrics and patterns in the family room. I had a ton of fun with the sofas!

  • That AH-mazing coffee table. It is very unique, and I cannot lie… I secretly wanted it for myself.

  • The art in their living room (very dramatic). With the scale of the room, I knew it was either go big or go home!


Total time – 12.5 months

When I first met Lisa and Charles, I was first impressed by their massive space. But I soon realized that they had no idea how to arrange furniture in this large house. They had lived there for seven years, but they shared with me that it had “never felt like home”.

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