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Lisa | Superhero Reveal

What we did:

By revising the floor plan, we really opened up the space. We then painted the walls, ceiling, and most of the trim. We also did some really unique things with the furniture. We re-imagined the vintage tables by using them as end and accent pieces. And then we designed a custom ottoman, packed with storage. The pièce de résistance: the large-scale ombre art I painted above her sofa (yep I got skills to pay the bills).

The Reveal:

There were hugs, laughter, and smiles. I love a client reveal!


Total time – 2.5 months

Lisa (on the right) is an incredible person and a “little people-life changer/super-hero”. In other words she’s a teacher. She just wanted change for her home, and in a big way.

Lisa had color requests and a set budget; but other than that she wanted it to be a total surprise. She wanted the reveal, that feeling that people get when they walk into a new space, and it’s all theirs. She requested a mix of ethnic, purple, pinks, and feminine, all in one room. We got clear on the concepts, and she left me to it. I got to work right away, dreaming about the reveal day.

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