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Lori | Northshore/Chicago Condo

What we did:

In order to bring in more color, I ditched the yellow and orange walls by painting the room gray, with charcoal trim. She thought I was smoking dope when I proposed the color plan. I just asked her to trust me. I often tell folks in order to pump up the color, we have to bring down the backdrop, and Lori’s condo was my case in point. And then we proceeded with construction. Yep, construction.

I had to figure out a way around the awkward floor plan, and where to put that TV. We decided to rebuild her fireplace to house her TV – it was great way to utilize the unused space.

What I love:

  • Using her existing footprint we updated her kitchen finishes, tile, countertops.

  • Added that amazing light (still brings a tear to my eye).

  • Designed and built a desk/dining/catch all area.  Small spaces are all about the multifunction.

  • Maximized storage for her CD’s (aka used an iPod!), videos, minibar, etc.

  • Sourced furnishings from some of the most stylish Chicago shops and boutiques.

  • Accessorized with items near and dear to Lori – (I did say she was already stylish, – didn’t I?)

Total time – 9.5 months

After watching the finale HGTV Star (season 8), Lori picked up the phone and booked me as her designer. She had interviewed other designers, but others were not returning her call and had no luck in selecting the right one. Now I must admit – This project intimidated the hell out of me. She owns the most difficult space plan I have ever been presented with. I told her straight up – “I don’t know if I can do this…” The measurement from the wall next to the TV was almost 7′! With a 6.5′ deep living area – there couldn’t be a furniture plan invented for this!

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