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Lori S | Northern Suburb Living Room

What we did:

We started at the root of the problem: the gloomy furniture. We ended up re-upholstering all of her existing pieces – I mean the frames of this stuff were REALLY good! Then, we sourced new furnishings to add to what she already owed.

Then we moved on to the walls. We painted and wallpapered to match the updated, lighthearted color scheme Lori and I had worked on together. We also custom designed window treatments for both the living and dinning room.

We also painted the silhouettes – to bring a touch of humor to the space. Finally we nailed down the finishing touches – pictures, books, florals, paintings, pillows, and mirrors – and voila!

No more Six Feet Under.


Total time – 6 months

When I met Lori, she was so ready to let go of everything that was maroon and (hunter) green in her life. And I admit -the place did feel sort of sad… During the first interview she had let on that her space was known as “the funeral parlor”. All it was missing was a guest book!

BAM! It was an instant connection for me. Lori needed new furniture. She wanted it to feel lighter, and I wanted it to match her lighthearted temperament.. See the befores and afters below.

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