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Shlonde I | Northern Suburbs Living Room

What we did:

Using her existing pieces, we remixed her floor plan to create a more conversational feeling. I sourced high and low furnishings creating an interesting mix of levels and surface spaces. My team helped to source local photographers and artist to help pull the look together (very rapidly!).

We then accessorized to add the personality needed. And finished right on time!


Total time – 12 HOURS + PHONE CALLS

Shlonde found me fresh of my HGTV win and challenged me to do it in a day (just like I did for 7 straight weeks on HGTV STAR).

Our first meeting was set and we went through everything she wanted. I would only have 12 hours to measure, select, rearrange, shop, accessorize and install everything (other designers are grinding their teeth reading this!). But I accepted the challenge.

After a series of emails, and phone calls, 12 hours of shopping and staging this is what we came up with.

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