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Verda & Marty | Lake Geveva Living Room

What we did:

  • We nailed Verda’s personality in this total redo of a Hollywood Regency room. It evokes glam and glory without going kitschy. In other words, I kept the Z-Gallerie relationship to the love side of the spectrum.

  • Took their overtly beige color scheme and injected it with some feminine color (the glitter, baby!).

  • We selected and curated all of the furnishings, leaving plenty of space for Marty’s “Monsieur Zen” personality. I think my internal Feng Shui artist really came out of hiding for this room!

  • Swapped the lighting out for these brilliant starburst fixtures.


What I love:

  • The blush pink, of course. It looks good on anyone, houses included.

  • That chaise in the middle of the room. We found it online, but it looked like it was made just for Verda.

  • The touches of animal print. Somehow, this just screams “Marty” to me. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think there’s some glam rock, lurking underneath all that easy-going-ness. There has to be, for him to be in love with Verda.

  • The wallpaper. That just goes without saying.



“When I first hired her, she spent a great amount of time helping me determine what I liked and my style. She explained everything upfront, timing, costs, quality, flow, and details. There were no surprises and she was kept me informed completely every step of the way. I felt completely in control but also amazed at the final result. Her process is so straightforward and clear, you basically pay for her hours and pay for your furniture and accessories. In the end, my husband and I liked the living room so much that we have hired her to complete the kitchen, bedroom, and office. I am so happy with the final result.”

Check out the whole experience from her POV:–HGTV-Host—Interior-Designer-review

Total time – 6 months

My first encounter with Verda was during the initial phone consultation for her project. She confessed that she was “addicted to the sparkly things”. She had a love/hate relationship with Z-Gallerie, and was in love with glitter. She wanted me to amplify her space to match her personality. When I met her in person I was intimidated and entertained all at the same time. Verda’s sense of humor was amazing, and her laugh was (and is) infectious.

I was greeted by her husband Marty with a simple “Hello, nice to meet you”. These two are the yin and yang of couples. While Verda is single-handedly one of the most glamorous people I have met (and she knows it!), she also insisted that Marty’s laid back, minimalist style be represented as well. Marty wanted to take a seat back and watch the process unfold; while Verda was standing over me the whole time, jar of glitter in hand.

I guess opposites really do attract!

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