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A Bit of an ICON. The Pump Room

I love the 30’s to 40’s art deco era, as far as the fashion, old Paris, Art Deco lighing, Eddie Murphy in Harlem Nights…ok the last one was a stretch. But seriously the ward Swag was invented in the 40’s. You could not visit the grocery store with out tassels and a cloche!

Everthing was glamor!

A throwback to this kind of Glam in Chicago is the Pump Room. Re-opened and re-designed you can still see those subltle hints of that old glamor. If you’re missing that feeling of the 40rs they have kept images of its stars that crossed its threshold, nicely hung on a wall in the lounge.

The lighitng is really cool too!

an Image of Judy Garland at the Pump Room

The Pump Room -Then

A cigar ad from Wbster Cigars Via Historic Haunt

The Pump Room Today – Photo from Chicago Magazine

Images of Stars and Starlets at the Pump Room

I love this light installation!

What do you think Chicago; are you interested in visiting its icon? Again if anything, I had to go just to get a glimpse of that lighting installation – Who thought of that?!

Many Blessings!

Your Chicago Interior Designer & Interior Stylist

Tiffany Brooks

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