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A ModernTake on the Doily – $850 Lamp for less than $50 | Handmadeology

A Modern Take on the Doily $850 Lamp for less than $50? Yes Please!

Hello Pretty people! We are so excited to share a project we did this past weekend. A few months ago, I came across a ceiling lamp, I absolutely loved. It was $850, and I just couldn’t justify the spend, being it was simply made of doilies. I can’t claim the quality of the lamp we DIYed is the same of the more expensive one, but I can say, we are pretty darn happy with the results! If you want to make your own doily pendant, keep reading fellow DIYers, it’s a rewarding and messy project! To get started, you are going to need a few things to make this project successful. Here is a list to get you started:

We sewed the doilies around the balloon with the upholstery thread, very carefully. We simply sewed edge of one doily, to the edge of the next, with some random overlapping. Our puppy Rocket, was very curious about what we were up to, don’t mind him.

This Idea is friggin' awesome! And very affordable. I would never have the patience to try it, but I love it anyway!

Your Chicago Interior Designer, Stylist, and Decorator, Tiffany Brooks

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