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A Past Client. Her Room is Still Living

A homeowner in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago, wanted GREAT design on a budget. After researching several designers online, she came across You and Your Decor.  After landing on her site, the homeowner was immediately ready to start work, with a catching portfolio, and an added bonus; You and Your Decor published her room by room design fees online. The homeowner knew how much she would pay the designer, and did not have to worry about  any hourly design fees adding up. 

 When the homeowner and Tiffany Brooks, from YAY DECOR met, the client expressed to that she was looking to breathe new life into her rooms (see below before photos).  Literally. The living room and dining room had been deemed as “Funeral Home Chic”. The homeowner joked that all that was missing was a guest book! 

Before -"Funeral Home Chic"

Before #2

Before #3

Working on a smaller budget of 12K for both a living a dining room YAY DECOR immediately knew to reuse as much as possible.

"I repurposed as much as I could. Reupholstering the chairs, sofa, and refinishing the dining room curio saved tons. We spent the money where it gave us the biggest moments. Like the huge mirror installation upon entering the home, An amazing chandelier, and the custom window treatments."  

Tiffany added the silhouettes in the end as a conversation piece. "We had the entire family over to sit for a shadow cast silhouette. I took the outlines, transfered them to canvas, painted them a soft blue, and returned a week later to add those finishing touches that every room needs."

The homeowner really did see the once dead room come to life before her very eyes. 

"Is your room living?" Tiffany asked the homeowner, "It is now!"

Your Chicago Interior Stylist & Chicago Interior Decorator

Tiffany Brooks

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