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About You and Your Decor

You and Your Decor Specializes in interior decorating and design for boutiques, condos, lofts, and apartments. We create remarkable spaces from as far north Milwaukee spanning all the way to south Chicago, also servicing homes located in all points between.

Your home should be your haven, which both relaxes and inspires you. Your home should reflect you. After accessing your needs, lifestyle, and taste, we will infuse additional layers of comfort and interior design style… all while staying within your budget.

With You and Your Decor, you can love your space again. Our interior design packages set us apart from the typical approach. We offer many flat-fee packages, as well as online interior design options to ensure that you are fully aware of our pricing options before you even pick up the phone.


Interested in working with You and Your Decor?

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“I have been told there is something just a little eccentric about me. For me, this eccentricity is a gift that makes interior design fun, unique and spontaneous. I believe that design should be an eclectic science, best bound together by personal style.”

Tiffany Brooks is a Chicago-based certified interior decorator (CID). She also has a background in residential property management, including model merchandising and staging. She has received several residential management awards, including a Chicagoland Apartment Association Management Award for “Best Two-Bedroom Model Design.”

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