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Adding to My Design Inspiration Scrapbook….Thom Filicia

I want to be BFF’s with Thom, he is so ballsy with his interiors! I have always wondered how he find clients who would let him push all of their design envelopes. 
Fresh from re-reading his first book, Thom Filicia Style I am again left with my jaw dropped and a need to post some of my favorite photos from his portfolio.

What Grabs me – Thom’s great gift of layering. His backdrops of paint selections are subltle and well thought out, all the while he uses the actual furiture pieces in the room as the surprises in color and sculpture. I mean look at his work -SWOON!!!

I <3 Thom Filicia!

American Beauty – his newest book to soon hit the stores in November seems as if it is going to be more personal, an actual design story. People-what do you think, are you feeling his style? Stay Blessed!

Tiffany Brooks, Your Interior Stylist & Chicago Designer

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