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Black History Month Decor

Unless you’ve been living under a bedazzled rock, then you’re aware that February marks Black History Month. What started out as a week until the 1970’s, has flourished into a month-long celebration of all things African American. This month pays tribute and reminds us of the triumph and struggle of our generation and the generations before us. While you’re helping your little scholars with their Black History Month projects or watching Black Panther for the 62nd time (Wakanda forever!), here are some ideas to incorporate Black History Month in your home.

1.Statues and Figurines

It’s fair to say that some African American people don’t “see” themselves in the world. For some time, characters on popular television shows didn’t reflect us or our lifestyles. For our children, it’s proven painfully difficult to find toys and dolls with their skin color or hair texture. Though main stream is recognizing how diverse the world really is, that representation starts at home; enter statues and figurines. Not only are these pieces beautiful, but act as a reminder of how beautiful we are.


Imagine sitting in your front room on a snowy Saturday afternoon with a hot cup of coffee with the fluffiest blanket, wearing your warmest pair of socks. You watched all the shows and movies across each streaming service you spend your hard-earned coin on, so what else is there to do? Might as well start that new year’s resolution you’ve been pushing off for the last five years and start reading book per month. Books are a nice addition to a side or coffee table. Table books range from those filled with stunning photography, magazines with the latest fashion trends, or novels. Add some thought-provoking materials to you side table.

3.Decorative Pillows

Nothing catches the eye like a sassy, quick wit or inspirational quote. They can be displayed via wall decals, photos, or even decorative pillows. Decorative pillows are more than a pretty item to place on your bed or couch. Your pillows can say the words you can’t, express your inner most thoughts, or shout out your Black pride. Find comfort on the faces of those pioneers in the Black community.


Including portraits and paintings created with love and soul by Black artists to your home adds a nice touch to those bare walls. These art pieces are a unique and warm way to showcase your pride and blackness. Does any particular painting or portrait come to mind? A true classic materializes in my mind; the iconic painting shown during the credits of Good Times, “The Sugar Shack” by Ernie Barnes. *cues theme song* Now you can’t get the song out of your head. You’re welcome.


The colors associated with Black History Month are red, black, green, and yellow. Red represents the blood that unites Black people to their African roots and the blood shed for liberation, black represents Black people (obvi), green represents natural (land) wealth of Africa, and yellow represents wealth (money) and royalty. These colors are bold and vibrant accents colors to be used fabrics, tapestries, table clothes around your home.



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