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COLOR ALERT! YELLOW. canary. lemon. citrine. YELLOW. citron. flaxen. yellow. mustard. saffron. YELL

Next to purple, yellow is the most difficult shade to use in interior design. Psychologically it is the hardest color to look at, and somehow confused the brain. It is difficult to match with the rest of the house, children cry more when they see it, and causes feelings of hostility. How could such a happy color be the cause of all this negativity???

Yeah, I think I am riding with yellow in 2011. Afterall, what would I do with all these AMAZING things I found?

If Robert Allen and C&B had a baby this is what it would look like…..Crate and Barrel $899

I absolutely love this picture!!!! Perfect behind a charcoal wall. Room Service L.A. $595.00 

The most perfect yellow wallpaper for your entryway via Jonathan Adler $195 per roll

CB2 Super Affordable Rocker $199.00

This dresser also found at CB2….I see this in an office.

I love this room, See lemon is livable!

Lemon Texture $29.95 at Crate and Barrel

This is my most favorite chair! It needs to live with someone that I personally know! It lives at your local Crate and Barrel. $899

I just love the idea of plexiglass on the stair rail

A mustard sofa done right. 


Mixing the hardest color to focus with the most settling perfect combo!

Nixon Duvet $195.00 Jonathan Adler

I love this store and its…Pieces Atlanta $1200

"I will have this bench, I WILL HAVE THIS BENCH!"

Pieces Atlanta $3250

West elm. My place for affordable! $149.00

I have had a long personal affair with the color yellow, although I haven't never been able to use it in my  Interior Design projects. Its always beige, gray, or "greige"  I need to talk my clients into using it more because I am in love.  The shade does hoave some positive parts other than making people speed up, instaed of slowing down when they are going through intersections.

Yellow is supposed  to increase self-esteem and strengthen the overall well-being. It represents the rising sun, cheerful and uplifting. Yellow houses sell faster, and people remember the color.

Wear it during a job interview and see what happens! =0)

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