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Design DONTs. Interior Design Gone Wrong

Happy Rainy (in Chicago) Moday all –

I can't stand Mondays, but I always thank God that I am alive anyway. One of my favorite things to do during the week is check for Facebook posts from Beverly Hills Interior Designer and author, James Swan. I sometimes sit in a crowded room, or even worse a quiet office, trying to control my laughter at the photos and his viewers comments. I wanted to share just a couple of his busted rooms he has found here:

"Now this room has an amazing layout, gorgeous furniture selections, it is just made up in color like a cheap hooker" – Anonymous

"This one surprised me, being featured as an after photo on someones website."

"This room looks like the break room in Santa' workshop!"

"This photo freaks me out – It looks like visitors have landed in their living room."

If you have a chance, or want some relief from the serious aspects of design check his facebook page out:

101 Things I Hate About Your House - The Crazy messes people actually call design.

Your Interior Stylist


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