Free Room Design. Instant Room* Under $2500!!!

Fresh off my yellow kick, I made a visit to IKEA. All of us have walked through IKEA, and marveled on how they put a room together for under a certain price. We think to ourselves, “I can afford that!” We have taken those little 3 inch pencils and store maps started jotting down the isle numbers and bin locations…. All jazzed up about our new room for under a certain price. One problem. At the end of the day it looks like…well IKEA.

Nothing wrong with the home superstore. Matter of fact this place save many of my design projects at the last stitch of my very low budget. But, we need a more varied style. A style merged together from differing, not so obvious sources. Here, I put together the bones of a very affordable room.

START HERE: Wall paper from Graham Brown $70.00 per roll. For the remaining walls choose a “grey-brownish” color select it based on your natural lighting in your home.