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Goodbye Randolph Street Market! – It was a great year.

It is with great sadness, and a heavy heart that I report this. This weekend is my official end of Summer 2011. I can tell that the season of outdoor shopping and delicious summer finds is over by the coming of this occasion.

It is the LAST WEEKEND OF THE RANDOLPH STREET MARKET. No more Mango Margaritas. No more standing there staring at delicious pieces of art and wondering which of my clients homes I may place it. No more spotting the perfect Mid-Century Modern chair and re-envisioning it with the  perfect Kravet fabric. It is over. 

The worst part about this post is that rain is forecasted for the Chicago area this weekend. With rain I am sure I will not be able to convince hubby to shop with me. I am at a loss. All I have are my memories…

Ayden. Sitting on perhaps the most chic idea for chairs…Old acrylic boat seats

A mid-century modern find!

A collage of vases…all for $15.00

A huge "E" that once hung in some old building in an old place….Needing to be coupled with a new client, in a newly designed space

Perhaps the most perfect twin headboards ever, EVER

How we remixed a $10.00 vintage camera. We painted it white!

Until next Summer!

Tiffany Brooks,

Your Chicago Interior Decorator, Stylist, and Designer

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