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Happy New Year to Everyone Reading These Words…With a Single Resolution.

Design By You and Your Decor

I want to wish everyone reading these words, Friends, Family, Clients – (Future, Present, and Past) a very Happy and Prosperous 2012!

New Years Eve is often a sad time for me. I get discouraged looking back on what I have not accomplished that I set out to the December 31st before. I feel as if I failed myself in some wierd way. I usually set this exact bar…”To loose 20lbs (again), or to make 20% more income in my business; or to have the entire bible read in a year”. Seriously, that is the sum of my list I wrote out for 2011. Then when I reflect and see that I gained 5lbs, and business grew only 15%, and I only got to know John in the Bible, I solidify my feelings of failure, not looking at what I accomplished- I am sure most of you are familiar with those feelings when you reflect back. This past year I have been “Uber Blessed” – patent pending-LOL. I have gained frinedships through new clients, received press that humbled and inspired me, and my ultimate – landing styling a store & window on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. – UBER BLESSED.

In 2012 I am not going to set a bar for myself, or resolve to do anything, but I am promising


That is what 2012 is to be about. I am going to grow in my walk with God, grow in my relationships, grow in my health, grow in concentration, grow in my confidence, grow in my knowledge, and grow in my courage.

Plain and simple -GROWTH.

Whats your promise to yourself? I want to know what are you planning to do (or stop doing) for 2012, what are you going to start being about?

-I hope YOU AND YOURs have an amazing year! Be Safe, Be UBER BLESSED!

Your Chicago Interior Designer, and Interior Stylist

Tiffany Brooks

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