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Horrible Holiday Decorations! Tacky light Tickets Issued

Okay, so everyone who knows me, knows, the one thing about the holidays that I cannot stand is the decorating. It is so cliche. Red and green this with gold that, inflatable Santas, and candy canes everywhere, ick. So, I could in no way advise how to decorate for the holidays. However, I can tell you what not to do… I have located the top 20 absolute most busted of the busted holiday decorations EVER!

Why should anyone have to pay frosty a cover charge to get into someone’s house.

1 Tacky Light Ticket. Move the balloon out the way please.

Is that really a Nativity Scene made from beer cans and bottles? These people are just tacky all year around.

No tickets issued here, just sentence of 3 months with the local AA.

#18 (same house more than likely)

Well at least they are creative drunks, making an Advent Calendar out a case of beer!

“One of these things just doesn’t belong here, one of these things just isn’t the same”…. Amongst all of this “higglity pigglity” why couldn’t these people just unplug the pumpkin? Two tacky light tickets for just being lazy!

Yes that is a toilet and yes they did put their name on this greeting. No tickets issued here, a lot of time and energy went into this one!

Wow. Is that Santa?….. Nailed to a… TREE?

3 tacky light tickets. I mean just don’t bother.

Only in Wisconsin. 4 Tacky Light Tickets.

If you live near a Dollar Tree, hangers are 10 for $1.00. I guess these people know that.

3 Tacky Light Tickets

“Everybody get on the ground, this is a RAID!”

People don’t forget that your holiday decorations are often visible in the daytime. These poor balloons look like the have had a heck of a night.

4 Tacky Light Tickets.


No tickets issued here just a warning for being tacky. (Still funny though!)

Christmas in Sleepy Hollow! The rest of the yard is busted too.

5 Tacky Light Tickets.

The messed up thing here is that this one was a prank, from these peoples neighbors!

No tickets issued, I feel sorry for them! LOL

Thats just messed up! Imagine how traumatized the neighbors kids are seeing this everyday.

6 Tacky Light Tickets

That group of homeless bums had a lot of time on their hands!

8 Tacky Light Tickets

Thats just too much.

4 Tickets for just too much going on.

There is a Menards in that neighborhood that is SOLD OUT! It looks like they missed a spot, because you can still see the house.

9 Tacky Light Tickets.

I think this is very industrious of them…..LOL Well at least they have a ladder handy to get the star on top!

3 Tacky Light Tickets.


Why can’t construction workers be in the holiday spirit too?

5 Tacky Light Tickets

What if you lived next door to this?

6 Tacky Light Tickets (for keeping your neighbors up!)

Funny as HECK!!!!

No tickets, because this sums up how I feel about holiday lights year after year!


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