How to Design an Awesome Room for Kids

Your kids are about to move into their room…but are you ready to design it?! Trust me when I say this…your little ones DO NOT want to stare at four beige walls all the time. Their room should be fun and colorful. You can even include your kids in the design plans. They know what they like (sometimes). Once you have a good idea of what direction you want to head in, you can figure out a budget. Remember, your kids are growing and their tastes are fickle. Your 16-year-old probably won’t want to sleep in the My Little Pony-themed room she loved when she was six. Keep reading for tips on designing a room that your kids will love.

1. Use Color

Kids aren’t attracted to drab things. You might be able to appreciate the loveliness of an off-white, but your kids would rather see a blazing yellow or a rich purple.