In the Mood to Revamp your Patio

I <3 a great mood board!

Especially one that brings me totally outside. While I live in the Chicago Burbs, many of my clients live in an urban jungle. Their precious out door patios have to be done, and have to be done tight! One thing I find helpful in creating an outdoor space is to increase the greenery. I mean outdoor plants everywere. Have them in varying heights, and varying forms.  Like  -Tree sculpture.  Below is a list of what I used to make this space happen.

What I used:

  1. An outdoor (that looks like indoor) sofa. I wanted a different feel here other than the wicker, wood or wrought Iron versions that are overdone, now-a-days. The space need an outdoor sofa they could really lounge on. A slip-covered sofa fit the bill. I found this one at Potterybarn

  2. Textiles and/or Pillows. The textiles, with the exception of pillows is a way to bring in color and additional comfort, to this cement covered space. In the floor plan (7) I added in benches to the perimeter of the space that have additional throw pillows as well. When choosing your pillows remember colors do not clash, however keep your patterns scaled properly. The ones shown are from