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In those Bedrooms. These Will Get You In the Mood.

I love looking at designer portfolios. Oozing with inspiration. Especially if you have a non-designerish brain. The first thing I take when looking at a designers room that I am feeling, is the color palette. When people like how a room comes together, the color scheme is usually the reason behind it. Then I pin point the style of the furnishings. While I may label the rooms; Traditional, Contemporary, and so on, I have grown to notice that the rooms that I fall the hardest for have varied style furnishings, from differing eras and price points. It is the MOOD I fall for.


Bedroom by Designer John Saladino

Bedroom by Desgner Kelly Wearstler

Bedroom by Designer Larry Laslo

Bedroom by Designer Roger Davies

Contemporary Bedroom by Mark Cunningham

This is a homeowner designed bedroom

Traditional Bedroom by Designer Linda Woodrum

Traditional Bedroom by Amy and Todd Hase

Traditional Bedroom by Jeannie Balsam featured at the 2011 Dream Home

Traditional Bedroom by Designer Steven Gambrel

Contemporary Bedroom by Homeowner Harriet Maxwell Macdonald – Elle Decor

Tradional Guest Bedroom by Designer Suzanne Rheinstein – Elle Decor


Tiffany Brooks,

Your Chicago Interior Decorator

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