Instant Room. Plans for an Outdoor Chicago Area Rooftop/Patio Space.

Since we are finally showing signs of summer here in the midwest, I recently finished freshening up my own outdoor space. I was inspired (and hired) to add some personality to my previous clients' outdoor patio. This is a huge 19 x18 roof top space. The client loved the idea board and let me share the 9 elements I am using to pump some personality into his outdoor space.

Instant room 5-23-11

What I used: 

  1. An outdoor (that looks like indoor) sofa. I wanted a different feel here other than the wicker, wood or wrought Iron versions that are overdone, now-a-days. The space need an outdoor sofa they could really lounge on. A slip-covered sofa fit the bill. I found this one at Potterybarn

  2. Textiles and/or Pillows. The textiles, with the exception of pillows is a way to bring in color and additional comfort, to this cement covered space. In the floor plan (7) I added in benches to the perimeter of the space that have additional