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Kitchen Backsplashes

You’re lying in bed and roll over to see it’s half past midnight. You sleepily walk to your kitchen for a snack and open your brightly lit refrigerator hoping to find something to satisfy your craving. While staring blankly in your fridge you happen to look at the color of your kitchen walls. You hate the color but you don’t want to repaint it. You also would rather not be bothered with wallpaper as you’re scared it will bubble and peel away over time from the heat the stove will emit.

While the fridge is open, you pull out your phone from your robe pocket to search other décor options for your kitchen walls. Alas, you’ve found an idea that peaked your interest and now you’re in a YouTube abyss for kitchen backsplashes. Guess it’s time to dust off that measuring tape and goggles, after that slice of chocolate cake you found in the back of the fridge of course. There is an abundance of options for kitchen backsplashes, let’s take a look at a few!

Arabesque Mosaic

For a modern backsplash, opt for more neutral colors, such as nudes, grays, and off white. Adding tile cut into shapes to the backsplash will give it a touch of character, like these Arabesque Mosaic tiles.

Feminine Touch

Let’s talk bachelorette pads. Ladies being single can prove to be the best time of your life. You can wear socks that don’t match, double dip, and decorate your home how you want. Add a feminine touch to your kitchen with a rose gold and gold backsplash.


Kitchen backsplashes are a great way to showcase your creative side.


You’ll be able to say you built your kitchen, brick by brick with these rectangular tiles.


For the more traditional and classic folks, opt for these glass tiles that are sure to discreetly accent your kitchen.

Floral Mural

Looking for a way to make those white walls and cabinets not seem so blah and possibly add some texture to your kitchen? Put in some colorful tiles to create your very own floral mural. Now you have some springtime realness year-round.

Tiled Portrait

It’s that time again, your monthly visit to the attic to stare at your favorite painting that you couldn’t find room for in your new place. Well, now you can recreate that painting into a backsplash in your kitchen. Now you can admire your favorite painting whenever your heart desires.


Feeling a little more artsy? Turn your backsplash into your personal art project and go for a more abstract approach. This backsplash is made of different colored, shaped, and sized tile. Next step, open your own art gallery.


If you ever wanted to know what it felt like to be in an alien spaceship, this backslash is for you. This metal tile will give your kitchen a more modern, futuristic flare. Your kitchen will definitely glow.

Looking to tackle a kitchen remodel but need help? Fee free to reach out!

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