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Look For Tiffany Brooks of YAY Decor in this Article by Interior Design Pro

There is a common denominator in most homes and apartments; a space that welcomes guests and entertains the family. Whether you prefer to call it a Front Room, a Family Room – or back in the early 1900’s, a Parlor – the Living Room is generally a standard area in most homes, which means there’s a good chance you have at one time or the other searched for Living Room Decorating Ideas for yours.

As years have passed and family dynamics have changed, so has the purpose of the Living Room. Early on, when it was known as a Parlor, it served to welcome and entertain guests to your home. Although that premise has stood the test of time, this room has evolved in its function and changed roles almost as often as it has changed names.

Parlor Style Decorating by Jennifer Parker

Television Changed How We Decorate

Consider the invention of Television. When decorating your Parlor you would have never imagined utilizing a T.V. in your decor. Major electronics have certainly played a huge role when it comes time to consider Front Room Decorating Ideas – as most homeowners now use the Living Room to gather around the T.V., which has forever changed the purpose of this multi-functional room.

Using Your Flatscreen as Wall Art for Living Room Decor

Generally, the toughest part of decorating your Living Room is simply the act of where to start. When standing back and taking in the whole picture this room may seem daunting and overwhelming, however, armed with a few basic suggestions and Decorating Ideas, you will be able to approach the designing process with direction and enthusiasm and design a Living Room that will provide you and your family with years of enjoyment.

A Collection of Mirrors Used For Wall Art – Room Designed by Tiffany Brooks

Tips for Designing Your Living Room

  1. Discover Your Collections: Sometimes finding unique artwork to adorn a tired old walls is just a matter of looking through your closets and boxed storage for forgotten pieces that you can mix and match to create a one-of-a-kind look to enhance your existing Living Room Decor. Whether it’s a collection of photos, plates, mirrors, baskets or any other Eclectic items that are discovered around your home – combine them for the ultimate in wall decor.

  2. Stop and Smell the Roses: Who says you have to do that outdoors? Bringing fresh flowers into your Living Room Design is simply the easiest way to create an inspiring update to the room while adding a touch of fragrance and romance and giving you a fresh perspective with a renewed sense of style.

  3. A Touch of Texture: Painting a texture directly on your Living Room Wall while accessorizing the remaining room in rich to the touch fabrics will instantly add a 21st century feel to your Living Room Decor. With all the fabulous Window Treatments available on today’s market you can easily create walls and windows that are drenched in luscious textures that beg to be touched and keep your eyes from being bored.

  4. Creating Function: As our lives change, so does the purpose of our living areas. More than likely you are having to design your Living Room around a T.V. Although not the prettiest piece of furniture in the room, it can have its place. With fireplaces being built to incorporate flat screens on the mantel, to custom built cabinets that hide the black box nicely behind a wooden panel, Televisions can be present and fully utilized in a Living Room Design.

  5. Know Your Design Style: Interior Design Styles reflect more than just the homeowner’s tastes, they also serve to steer the decorating process in a particular way so that the Living Room Decor flows, thus creating harmony and balance. Whether you choose a quaint Cottage Interior Design or more of aModern Design approach, knowing your preference will serve as a guidance in selecting decor for the room.

  6. Furniture Placement: The placement of your furniture can make or break the design of a Living Room. Whether replacing or rearranging your current furnishings, placement should always be given specific consideration as to allow for comfort, aesthetics and traffic flow. A Feng Shui Interior Design is one method of establishing such results.

  7. Accessorizing: A room simply isn’t complete without accessorizing. It’s during this process that you can let your personality shine while complimenting your furnishings. By adding a touch of extra fabric via pillows or throw rugs – or introducing your family through beautiful photo frames – accessorizing plays a major role in a Front Room Interior Design.

Reach Out To A Professional Interior Designer

Whether your are decorating a new home, redesigning an apartment or totally Remodeling your Living Room, don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional Living Room Interior Decorator for advice or help. In this digital age of knowledge where there is an abundance of resources and information at our fingertips, knowing that there is someone who can cut to the chase and simply give you an answer on the spot, is someone worth reaching out too.

For more information on Interior Design Styles or Home Decorating Ideas, please visit us online atInteriorDesignPro.

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