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I have been virtually living in hotels over the Summer and please note, they were nice but hardly stylish. While I was flipping – Well clicking through Interior Design online, I came across this article and this stunning image on the Das Stue Hotel in Location: Berlin, Germany.  That forced me to look further at this, stylish hotel with elements that I would kill to have in my hotels – or better yet my house!

Now I would not ever dangle this many brass pots on my ceiling, but visually, something like this is amazing.

I love how playful this blue and pink color scheme that this bedroom has. 

I love the stair rail. OMG – Plus the common area of this hotel lobby has the signature color play of the grays oranges, and lived in, collected feel.


The choice in art is stunning. The animal sculpture is stunning and effective!

Now the sculpture in this image is SICK!


I absolutely love the seating in his area. I cannot decipher what the heck this area is, but I love.

See the full article on this fantastic hotel here:

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