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Men: Nice Cars. Bad Condo….

Question posed to my ladies… Why is it that most, not all, but most men would spend the money necessary to drive a very nice car and resort to a busted condo or apartment?

Lets explore further….

This car may cost around $48,000 new, $40,000 used. Now add in the wheels, the tint, and the tires, and stereo that we know is in there you are looking at a bill of approximately $52,000, if the used model was selected. That means that his monthly payment would hover around $800.00.

So if he, our typical single male can afford $800.00 why do they live like this?

Well at least it's clean. (My apologies, that was below the belt) If a single man could put that much style and thought into the aesthetics of their cars, why not their homes?

So fellas here are some tips:

  1. The futon is never chic! Guys make sure that you invest in a staple sofa, that is well made and equally comfortable. Try also to expand your thought process and steer away from a room full of leather.

  2. Do not buy your furniture all at once, or in a set. This is interior styling 101. A set of furniture that includes a sofa, matching love seat, two end tables, matching coffee, and lamps, is a no-no. This screams easy, and will not translate into a space with personality.

  3. Paint. In most cases NOT WHITE. Most apartment leases or condo associations nowadays allow for painting of some sort. Use this to your advantage. I particularly love shades of grey in a males apartment. It is confident, and it can hold its own.

  4. When in doubt, spring for a decorator! Ok, the genetic code of man usually is not programmed for this option. But guys think about it; Hiring a designer is quick, easy, and will always cost less than what you have already invested in that automobile. The designers value will go a lot further as well. Besides, there is no better way than enrolling the services of a designer, to prove to that special lady that you are in-fact "balling" – (from the urban dictionary:  To full of money, To be rich. 

I have attached some perfect examples of what an optimal male apartment should look like:

Design by Drew Kelly

by Drew Kelly

Design by Sean Michael

Guys, I did not post this to take jabs, I wrote this with the utmost respect and care. Ok maybe a few jabs. But I am truly passionate about everyone living to their fullest potentials. And lets face it, you can relate more to the first two images than you can to the later.

Your (Now Helping Single Males Find Their Style) Stylist & Interior Designer =D

Tiffany Brooks

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