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Monochromatic. Its More Than Meets the Eye.

Candice Olson

Candice Olson

I seem to fall in love with every style I am presented with as I design for others. One of my current clients, who I deemed as "Not Boring- Neutrally Chic" has inspired me to really look into how many different ways you can actually make neutrals exciting. I have officially fallen in love with a monochromatic scheme. In a monochromatic scheme, you actually have to think about texture, and patterns, and how they are playing with each other in the spaces. Monochromatic schemes also have soothing qualities, there are no jolting colors that can interrupt the natural transitions of the eye. 

Dining room by Mag Braff

What do you think of a monochromatic scheme? Is this to restful, or does it offer up Just the perfect amount of texture for your home? 

Many Blessings!

Chicago Interior Designer & Interior Stylist –

Tiffany Brooks

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