Off Design Topic – What Would You Do With the 640 Million?

So we are sitting around talking about the March 30th record Jackpot of $640 Million Dollars…. The cash option to that is $462 Million. 

Some Quick Math:

  1. At my age (32) in my health, I am expected (God willing) to live another 35-40 years.

  2. Best case scenario before taxes on my annual interest I would get 11.55 million per year.

  3. That is 1.9 Million per month to spend on myself.

That is alot ignorance that I would be able to afford!

Here is my list:

I would make – BRIBE Bravo TV to put me on as a permanent cast member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. My present company Dante and architect – Mick – thinks that I would be better suited for the Atlanta Housewives.