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Secrets Designers Use to Style Spaces

So, you got a brand new furniture grouping for your room, or your large key pieces in place. However it still does not feel like home. Here are some simple and affordable steps to take to inject personality in your space. I compare these last little steps to icing and decorating the cake.

Perfect example of how a rug can ground the space. Design by Thom Filicia

  1. Add style underfoot. Designers often start with the rug when designing a space. The rug should set the base for the room and you can almost always draw color cues from an interesting rug.

  2. Be stylish and Green. Trees are inexpensive ways to add color and large sculpture to your home. I try to place at least 1 or two of these in my rooms. They just ad that teensy bit of character that often lacks in rooms. I use real plants whenever possible. Not feeling the maintenance of an indoor tree or large plant? Hit up your grocery store for a fresh cut of flowers each week.

Style Found in Collection Coupled with a ‘Pop” Wall Design by: Mary McDonald

  1. Collectors Wanted. Many homeowners have collections or other interesting items in their homes that are just waiting to be showcased. Grouping collections and those other items makes for an expansive display. Don’t have a collection, just a hodge-podge of stuff? I say re-purpose it. I had a group of non-matching ceramic vases in my attic. I spray painted them all teal, and used the grouping of vases for a centerpiece. With the varying heights and shapes it made the grouping extremely sculptural.

  2. Put the ‘Pop’ on the Wall. One of the terms you will hear a designer say on TV or other outlet is a “pop of color” – Why not translate that into an entire wall? I use wallpapers whenever I can to add personality into a feature wall. Not feeling the commitment of wallpaper? Find an interesting paint color instead.

Using Lighting That May Not Seem Quite Right Interior Design by Tiffany Brooks

  1. Lighting to the Left. It is so easy to settle on lamps that come with your furniture grouping, or use lamps that seem ‘right” or safe. When choosing a lamp for the tables, I try to veer off to the left and be fearless without being tacky. Vintage lamps and antique pieces that may be found at estate sales work well for this part of your room.

Decorating with books via:

  1. Read Up, or just look like you do. I absolutely adore styling with books. I love filling shelves with hardbound library classics. I often shop at Books by the Foot to achieve that look of a vintage library. Not ready for a wall to wall library? Try a stack of books. I create visual height using books of the same hue on top of a console or table. I usually top off the stack with an interesting small sculpture or other find.

I hope this mini styling guide helps you with your individual spaces. If you are feeling overwhelmed check out my stylist package, where help youI inject these layers of design elements.

Many Blessings!

Tiffany Brooks,

Your Chicago Interior Designer & Interior Stylist

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