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Sluggish Today

I think this photo just about sums it up. I have felt so lazy lately. With Spring Break in full effect, all I want is a pitcher of mimosas, a novel, and then later a nap! I snapped this photo this morning of my child in envy. Here it is 9:00AM and he has absolutely no intention of waking up. Just unaware of any stress or responsibility that the group of adults face around him. This little boy in his slumber does not realize how good he has it!

So Dante (my delicious assistant & husband) started our day by tidying our office, all while freaking out about the taxes that are coming up due, and other responsibilities that we have going on. We have a ton of smaller projects that add up to be quite time consuming but no complete rooms to sink our creative teeth into.


Then we have the Safe Place design to look forward to. We are doing some volunteer designing and fund-raising for a women’s shelter in Lake County. We toured the facility last week, and it made me even more eager to start. The conditions of the furnishings that these women who are in traumatic transitions have to be around is so sad. While they depend on donations of furniture, what they live with is a close second to trash.

With the help of some local trades people and artisans (that I still have to rally up) I want to create an enviornment for these women that can enduce some sort of ‘happy’ to the situation that they are in.

So I started a design mood board: a preliminary wish photos for the spaces:

So what do you think so far? Do you think the ladies at a Safeplace will love this? Most importantly would the feel of this board make you happy?

Be Blessed!

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