Spaces Designed Professionally, Affordably.

What kind of designer are you? Are you a do it your self kind of person, or does your decor need some hand holding? Are you tech savvy and prefer online guidance? You and Your Decor has packages to suit all design personality types and most of all, within your price range. As always, no matter what package suits your design goals, each project will incorporate your unique style, your individual personality, and keep design simple, fun and accessible.

Your Consultation $300.00 for 2 Hours

This option is for those who don’t need full-blown interior decorating or design services, but professional suggestions and opinions. This is often a perfect choice for people who plan to complete interior design work independently. Design advice and education is available for a single room or the entire home. This offer contains tips and secrets that other interior designers hold under lock and key!

Upon scheduling your first appointment you will receive three design questionaries to analyze your color, style, and design preferences. Completion of these questionnaires will make the most out of the two hours that we will have in your space.

Your E-Decor $255.95 per space

This is the perfect design option for those who would rather focus your budget entirely on home furnishings instead of design fees, those who live too far for an in-home consultation, or simply prefer on-line guidance. As well as an virtual designer guiding you through your design project, you will also receive a personalized kit that details your customized plan from start to finish.

Your Stylist Starts at $750.00 per space

Is your room missing something, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is? Is your room loaded with furniture, but still does not feel like home? If this rings true, you need an interior stylist to add character and breathe some fresh air into your space. In this package, we take your current space – furniture and all – rearrange it, add customize pieces to reflect your personality, and make it all work together.