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Tablescapes Part Deux. How to Put Together a Coffee Table

When I flip through my magazines either at the grocery store, or in my mailbox, I quickly scan to find the images of the living rooms. The first thing I notice after the chairs (of course) is how the coffee tables are decorated. They are often an afterthought in the design process, especially when it comes to the accessorizing process! So my advice, after you find the perfect table, accessorize it perfectly!

Interior Design By Elizabeth Baurer

So here are some tips on sprucing up your coffee table decor:

  1. Keep a Good Book – Or better yet a small stack! Sounds cliche but coffee table books are the best.  They add color, conversation, and if you are a guest in some one's home they do provide for great browsing.  

  2. Add flowers – Keep a fresh bouquet of flowers. I especially love this idea for adding a contrasting or vivid color to the mix.  Hydrangea stems are one of my faves.

  3. Light it up – Candles, candelabras, and lanterns are all great choices for this. It also adds an element of mood lighting to the mix.

  4. 4. Keep the Heights Varied - Much like a console table, make items on your coffee table different sizes. Use trays for low, add a medium bunch of flowers, the lower stack of books for balance, tall cancel sticks, and a medium/wide sculpture or a bowl.

  5. 5. Add something FUNKY or Mysterious – I love to add humor in art and on coffee tables, not like a gag book, but possibly on object with a story behind it or place a gift you may have received. Depending on the size right on top of that stack of books would be the perfect spot.

  6. 6. Not feeling the Funk  – Add a truly personal item instead. In one of my most recent re-designs I found a home for my clients silver box that she received from her great grandmother, it looked marvelous and it added a touch of bling!

Interior Design by Daniel Pafford

Interior Design by Vincente Wolf

Interior Design by Ron Marvin

Interior Design by Todd Alexander Romano

I hope this mini guide to coffee tablescapes helps!

Happy Friday All!

Your Chicago Interior Designer & Interior Stylist

Tiffany Brooks

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