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The Perfect Timeless Look

A timeless interior exudes sophistication, yet is still very inviting. Neither over the top or boring. I’m going to give a few quick tips at things you can do to help make your home appear timeless.


In most timeless interiors, neutrals color pallets and classic pieces are key! Combined it will give a strong but seamless presence. Color pallets of beiges, greys and whites, in particular, have a way of accentuating an interior and creating continuity in an open-plan space. Using trending colors can come and go, but a neutral palette never dates.

Opting for a neutral palette doesn’t mean you can’t add personality and feeling to a home. Timeless interiors aren’t all painted in white though. For example cool greys add a sense of glamour and warm greys create a more relaxed feeling. Then there are the navy blues, dark greens and blacks that are often used to complement a neutral palette.

You can still be timeless and add a splash of color to your timeless interior through your decorative elements. Use window treatments, artwork, throws or cushions. Layering color in the perfect way to add personality and still keep your look timeless.

Mix old and new

Combining finishes, furniture and features of different eras and styles can help to create a timeless space. That’s because your interior won’t scream a certain time period or a design style which may be reminiscent of a trend.

Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new. An antique furniture piece under a modern art piece on a crisp white wall can look incredible and very current. A beautiful old rug under a contemporary sofa of clean lines will create a timeless feel.



Embrace natural materials in your finishes, fixtures and furniture such as timbers, stone, marble, cottons, linens and wool.


Avoid overly ornate furniture and architectural details and stick with clean, classic lines that won’t date.

If you’re ready to get started on a project, we are ready to help! become a client!

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