Your Weekend Project. Build a Gallery Wall. How To Guide.


A gallerie wall is the perfect way to add personality to your walls and make sense of the collection of photos, art, or any other objects that you may cherish.  Below, is a guide of how to put together your gallerie wall.

  1. Try to coordinate the art via its frame, border, or subject. The gallery wall will be alot easier on the eyes if there was some common thread in the pieces being used.

  2. Take inventory. Count and Measure all of your framed art, photographs and everything that you would like to include on your gallery wall. 

  3. Analyze your wall and the shape of the hanging area.

  4. Start with the largest or most awkwardly shaped piece, and draw a plan. This trick is great, because it will save time and frustration when hanging the art.  I typically use a 1/4 inch graph paper and a ruler, and draw the lay out to scale.

  5. If you are having tro