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2024 Home Trends: What's In & What's Out

While some design elements remain timeless, others, well... not so much.

Here’s a look at the home trends that have fallen out of favor so far this year, along with their refreshing replacements:

green walls in playroom

OUT: All-White Interiors IN: Earthy Tones

The all-white interior trend, characterized by stark white walls and neutral decor, is on the outs (finally).

Earthy tones are now taking over - think greens, sky blues, and warm browns. These hues add depth and coziness, creating inviting spaces that feel more personalized.

Wood dresser

OUT: Fast Furniture IN: Sustainable & High-Quality Pieces

Demand for "fast furniture" (aka cheap & mass-produced) has been in a steady decline due to its environmental impact and lack of durability.

Now more than ever, consumers are becoming more conscious of the products they purchase. Investing in sustainable, high-quality furniture is becoming the new norm, with heightened interest in pieces made from sustainably sourced materials in timeless designs that can last for decades.

Kitchen with quartz counters

OUT: Granite Countertops IN: Quartz

Once a staple in kitchens, granite countertops are being phased out in favor of different materials. Granite can feel dated, especially in darker colors, and is often less sustainable than other options. Quartz is now the countertop material of choice, selected for its durability, increased sustainability, variety of colors, and low maintenance.


OUT: Mass-Produced Home Decor IN: Artisanal and Handmade Decor

Mass-produced home decor items, often lacking uniqueness and personal touch, are being phased out. People are now seeking more individualistic and meaningful pieces to adorn their living spaces, with artisanal and handmade decor items becoming the preferred choice.

So far, 2024 is making it clear that home design is shifting towards sustainability and personalization with trends that reflect our values and ever-changing needs.

Refresh or renovation, keep these thoughtful trends in mind to create a home that's both stylish and enduring.



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