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Explore expert solutions to your design queries, personally curated by Tiffany Brooks.

  • Can I afford a designer? Especially one that is on HGTV?
    Redecorating your home is an investment of both time and money. Which, in turn, can be very stressful. I strive to reduce this stress by being straightforward and transparent throughout the entire design process. I am usually able to provide an estimate of the design hours needed upfront. For larger projects, I use an hourly-based method of billing that clearly outlines the process and timeline. With my approach, you know exactly what you are paying for and how to budget for it before the work even begins.
  • I don’t want a "canned” look. Will I get a style that fits my personality?
    I hear this concern a lot. It is a horrible feeling to enter into a relationship feeling as if the designer will impose a strong aesthetic or their favorite style on your home. This is why I dedicate so much time on getting to know you, the way you live, your inspirations, your dreams, your family, and your expectations. By getting a feel for you ahead of time, I am able to gauge if we are a good fit for your design project. Like any relationship – the chemistry must be right. The difference between a good designer and a great interior designer is this: a great one can help bring out MORE of your personality and inject that into your space.
  • I like things that can be found at antique or flea markets. Do you shop at places like this?
    One of my favorite parts about the design process is “shopping” your home, sorting through attics and basements, finding personal touches to highlight a room. As a designer, I get an insightful look into your world, as well as a perfect starting point for formulating a design plan. I then shop what I call a “high and low contrast” for my clients, tapping my resources to find the perfect fit for each and every room. Often, the treasures I find at flea markets, your home, and antique stores inject the most personality into the finished room and help to bring a home to life.
  • How do I know if I am ready to hire Tiffany?
    I get asked this question quite a bit. Here is my advice on recognizing the signs that you are ready to work with me: You have a pile of design magazines with pages torn out or dog-eared You look around and you are exhausted (aesthetically) of living in your space. If you feel depleted when you are at home and unsure of what to do about it, an interior designer’s opinion may be key. You are yearning for custom furnishings and showroom exclusives (a designer does not only have that exclusive access, but can also save you up to 30% off retail!) You are open to suggestions*** You can see the value in bringing in a professional. You probably don’t give yourself a haircut, or fix your own plumbing, so why decorate your own home? You value process. I often joke with my clients and tell them that I will be in their lives for no less than a year – so the guest bedroom must be comfortable! Decorating a home can take months, even years. Most of my clients are full time professionals, parents, and volunteers. They leave it to me to manage their project, as their full time decorator. ***This one bears repeating – YOU ARE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS. Hiring a professional interior designer does not necessarily mean relinquishing total control. It does, however, require having an open mind to their professional suggestions and solutions. If you find that you naturally micromanage all projects around you, no designer would ever be a good fit or satisfy your expectations.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Please feel welcome to reach out with any additional questions you may have. CONTACT: Telephone: 847-596-7484 Fax: 847-603-1645 Email:
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