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Revamping your space can seem overwhelming, but that's where I come in. My aim is to forge a lasting relationship with you, alleviating the stresses associated with significant design projects. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Check out my four-step approach below and let's get started on your design project today.

Getting to Know You

Learning about you and your daily life is an important first step. I'm serious when I say not to clean up - I need to see how you live! My job isn't just about making it pretty; it's also about making it functional. 

During this time, we also work together to construct a timeline and budget, giving you a clear idea of how the entire process will go. 

Providing a Plan

After a thorough review of your home, I will begin crafting a detailed design plan for your approval. This plan will feature conceptual sketches, proposed floor plans, furniture options, and material selections - all of which will help you visualize the overall design and how the space will come together. 

Purchasing & Procurement

Once given the green light on the design plan, we'll lock down the budget and kick off the purchasing and procurement stage. I'll handle the requests for any custom pieces and order other furnishings as outlined in the plan.

Installation & Final Touches

I might be a little biased, but I really believe this is the best part. This is the stage where it all comes together!

My team carefully inspects each new piece of furniture, lines up delivery dates, and gets everything painted according to plan. Then, on install day, everything gets set up and your space is transformed.

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