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April Showers Bring May Flowers

They say April showers bring May flowers. Not sure who “they” are but maybe they were on to something. It’s true, a little rain goes a long way for Mother Nature. Water not only helps things grow but it cleanses toxins from the body so you have that flawless summer glow you are desperately seeking (seriously water is your best friend). We may not want the heavens to open up inside our home flooding our good carpet or wood floors, but it’s possible to get that spring rain feel in our home. How you may ask? In the bathroom via a shower head. A good shower head can make or break your showering experience. Here are some of the shower head styles that will provide a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience that suits any style of bathroom.

Standard Shower Head

There’s nothing wrong with opting for a simple yet elegant standard shower head. What I mean by a standard shower head is one that’s stationary, sometimes immoveable or with limited movement (we don’t want the water slapping you in the face) that may be slightly angled. Standard shower heads usually don’t possess any bells and whistles but if you’re looking to give that shower head a little pizazz, try a shower head with imbedded LED lights. Some of these lights are static, meaning they are one solid color and can’t be changed. While some lights are dynamic, meaning not only are you able to change the colors but you can change the patterns said colors appear. Think blinky Christmas lights meet shower.

Detachable Shower Head

Detachable shower heads are perfect to get right up close and personal with your skin. They really get in every nook and cranny. Detachable shower heads are similar to standard shower heads with the exception of the ability to be removed and used. These shower heads are ideal for washing your shaggy dog and prove to be helpful during your weekly Saturday morning tub cleaning.

Rain Shower Head

Forget what I just said above. Turns out, you can have that spring shower rain in your home by installing a rain shower head in your bathroom. A rain shower head is unique as it’s essentially an oversized version of a standard shower to allow more water to shower you. In most cases, this shower head is placed directly above your head. The water pressure of a rain shower head varies. It’s perfect to completely immerse yourself in your shower and rinse all that shampoo residue out with ease.

Shower Head with Handheld Head

Shower heads with a handheld head are the best of both worlds. These shower heads usually consist of a stationary shower head with a detachable handheld placed below.


To some, a high-pressure shower head may feel like needles being pricked in the small of your back. To others, these shower heads are like having a relaxing deep tissue spa massage. High-pressure shower heads tend to come in multiple setting such as massage, rain, mist, and even a water saver mode. For those that take long showers, that water saver mode will save your wallet from drowning.

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