How to. Arrange a Kick Ass Tablescape.

Ok. so you have hunted, searched, and scouted, and finally found the perfect console or entryway table. It is perched there looking gorgeous on its own, but it is still a tad vanilla…. 

Here is a how to, fool proof, no fail guide to arranging a tablescape that will wow everyone entering your home. So pretty, everyone will think that you hired me to do it! 

  1. Find some thing large. I usually look for pictures or large sculptures, that can be mounted or leaned against a wall.

  2. Find something that is medium sized. This is where my greenery comes in. I like to use all of the same stem, foliage, or flower in a contrasting vase.

  3. Find something that is small. Interesting thrift store finds or trinkets fit nicely here. But the key is to make it interesting. I love to use small multiples of something.

  4. Find something skinny. Perfect place for slim buffet lamps and candlesticks. Multiples work well here also. Like 2 lamps, or 2 candlesticks….