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Meaning of Colors

Aye guh, what’s your sign? There’s a lot of speculation as to whether or not astrology and horoscopes hold any truth or if it’s just generalization and human nature dressed up as truth. Either way, judging people and yourself based on astrological signs can be fun. But what about judging based on favorite colors? Believe it or not, colors say a lot about people. Like the cosmos, colors have a way of revealing your true self. Ever wondered what your favorite color means or the phrases “green with envy” or “red with rage” meant? Well you’ve come to the right place. Simmer down and allow me to learn you something today.


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Red is one of the primary colors. To the masses, red tends to represent rage, anger and aggression. While that’s true, red is also a positive color representing power, passion and success. Red makes for a beautiful backsplash in kitchens and restaurants alike. What’s interesting, red increases your appetite and metabolism. Remember that the next time you go to your favorite restaurant.


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Orange is a secondary color, mixing yellow and red together. One of the best albums from 2012 was Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE (I’m ready to argue). Orange is the color for creativity, freedom, sunshine and expression. Ocean’s album encompasses all of those traits so it’s only fitting to have “orange” in the album title. Now that you’re an empty nester or want to turn that spare bedroom into an in-home office or art studio, add some orange touches and get those creative juices flowing.


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Yellow is our second primary and (fun fact) the brightest color the eye can see. Yellow is the color for anything happy. For my iPhone users, tap on one of your text threads and look at the emojis. What color are they? Oh, did you say yellow? Because Happy. Steve Jobs knew what he was doing. Yellow is also associated with loyalty, confidence and optimism. No wonder yellow is a popular wedding color. There will be happiness and forever loyalty from that day forth!


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On to our next secondary color, green. Green is the color of money and nature. When spring well, springs, there’s green all around us plotting our demise because allergies. Money err green is also associated with wealth, growth, fertility, and productivity. Is this the reason why the Starbucks mermaid is green? As in, once all those espresso shots hit your system, you can’t help but be productive. That is, until the caffeine crash hits you but I digress.


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The final primary color is blue. Blue is described as the most calming color on the list. Blue symbolizes trust, wisdom, and intelligence. Look at that fancy device (read: cell phone) you’re reading this article on while ignoring that text banner that just flashed across the top of your screen, how many applications are blue or have blue in them? No wonder it’s so calming and relaxing to look up at the bright blue sky. And no wonder so many bathrooms are blue. It’s probably the only place in your home where you find solace, peace and privacy.

6. Purple

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And now we discuss “why in the hell does Karen from finance always were purple?” Purple is also a secondary color mixing both red and blue together. Purple is associated with royalty, power and luxury. It is associated with magic and strangely enough, the color is prominent in children’s programming and products. It seems young children prefer the color purple above the others. Maybe add some purple plates to your decor and maybe, just maybe, little Johnny will finally eat his veggies.

What color best describes you?



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