This affordable option to traditional interior design, is a perfect solution for do-it-yourself homeowners, and those looking to save money on interior design fees.

Our eDesign solution provides you with an easy to follow plan for creating a professionally designed space, by our design team, overseen by Tiffany. Our eDesign packages gives you the freedom to design a single space, or your entire home, at your own pace. Once my staff and I get started on your space it takes only up to 4 weeks for everything to be delivered right to your email. You provide us with your inspiration, room sizes, photos, and a budget and we will custom design your space from top to bottom. Delivering inspiration boards, space plans and shopping lists full of stylish suggestions for your home. The online design process with Tiffany Brooks Interiors is easy, stylish, and most of all affordable!

How eDesign Works

Once you decide to become a Tiffany Brooks Interiors client you will immediately receive questionnaires, forms, a style guide, and measuring tools. We will ask you to complete these documents and send them back to us. Once these documents are received, we will start on your customized design plan. For our basic design packages, expect a 21 day turnaround. For add-ons such as renderings and/or a design box shipped to your home, expect 4 to 6 weeks.

The eDesign Process... What We Do


Get to know You


We start our programming process by reading over your e-Decorating Design Questionnaire that you completed letting us know all about your style, tastes, and needs for your home. We decode your questionnaire and start making initial design concepts using the information you have given to us.



During this phase; we look over your drawings, and measurements and translate your drawings into a professional looking furniture plan. After all the walls and all the other important details like windows, outlets, etc. are set into the space plan, we come up with furniture place meant options that are best for flow, traffic, and overall function in your space. During the Planning process we also itemize your budget per line item. This helps us/you stay within budget and makes the sourcing process easier.



Using the completed floor-plan, budget, and your design inspiration, we start to source and collect pieces that we feel are perfect for your space. While we are finding those perfect pieces for your room, we record every important detail about it. Like its item number, color, price, and link to where it can be purchased. We even add alternate pieces that will work in your home as well. This makes your shopping process much easier, especially since you will automatically get options if you are not loving our initial choices.

We Organize


We prepare your design package. While organizing all of your information, we also give you all the steps you need to do to put your room together. I let you know what you should do first, next and last. We also give you some shopping tips and other notes about your design that we may have came up with.

Send it to You


Finally – usually within three weeks, of your eDesign project starting, I’ll be sending (emailing) you a completed design package. This visual package includes a floor-plan, mood-boards, suggested paint schemes, shopping list, a link to your selected pieces (with options), and notes on your design plan.

All Design Packages Include

Furniture plan
Mood Board
Color Palette
Detailed Shopping List (With Clickable Links)
Instructions and Note

*Add on Items such as 3D renderings & design boxes are also available.*