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Are You Shady?

There’s nothing worse than when you want to curl up with a book but dread turning on your blinding overhead lights so try a lamp instead. Lamps are an excellent source of light and a beautiful accessory for bedroom, living room and side table. They’re ideal for a soft illumination whilst reading a book or providing some light when you rather not be in the dark while watching a horror movie. Lamps come in various sizes and some are designed for the floor while others the table. Though the body of a lamp can be decorative, sometimes it’s the shade that is a real show stopper. See, the shade itself can be the statement piece of the lamp in place of the body.

Like the lamps themselves, lamp shades come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Even so, the shades are broken into 5 basic shapes: bell, drum, oval, rectangle and square. Different materials and fabrics are used to crate lamp shades. One of the most popular is linen.


Bell lamp shades are described as, well being in the shape of a bell. A cone shaped shade is thrown into the bell category. This kind of shade is tapered at the top of the shade and widens as you move down it. These shades bring to mind femininity as they are reminiscent for the curve of a woman so these shades can used for a more feminine and chic touch. The shape of shades is beautiful when paired with hanging jewels, fringe or ruffles.


Like bell, drum lamp shades have a slight tapering at the top of the shape but not as drastic. There are also shades tapered in the middle while the top and base flair out (the top more than the base) like a goblet drum. Just be sure to remind the kids the lamp is for decoration and not to be played with.


Oval lamp shades are classic. They are described as both shallow in shape and sophisticated in taste. While gazing at the shade straight on, one may assume it’s rounded in shade so change the angle you’re looking at. One look from the side or top of the shade and you’ll discover its unique beauty. These shades are ideal for those who want a retro touch or for the modern and trendy. This shade gives a subtle edge without being too loud. Perfect for a room you want to give a unique yet contemporary feel to.


A pure contemporary lamp shade is the rectangular shade. The others mentioned above are rounded, given the shades a softer look. Rectangular shades are anything but soft. These shades are perfect for accenting clean lines and crisp precision and finish. This shade is sure to stand out among all the other curvy pieces in the room.


This will probably be the only time in your life where being square is okay and celebrated. Like the rectangular shade, square shades refresh a room with its bold edges. Square shade proves to be fun and fashionable.

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