Bring on Happy

Is there any color in particular that makes you encourages happy in you? You know, a color that warms every bit of your soul. A color that puts you in a good mood? Well, yellow is one of those feel good colors. Ironically, yellow is the “it” color for spring this year. Yellow is reminiscent of the sun, both bright and shining and lights up any room. Yellow is one of the primary colors that can be described as bold and full of energy or soft and calming (depending on the shade used). There are many ways to incorporate this fresh color into your home.


Spring is the time of year when plants and flowers are in full bloom. For those seasonal allergy sufferers, you can still experience the beautiful floral arrangements by using faux yellow flowers instead of the real thing. Though you’ve ventured to your local HomeGoods to discover the high price of those fake sunflowers and tulips, don’t fret. There’s a faux arrangement that will fit any and every budget. Faux flowers aren’t limited to those arranged in vases. There’s three-dimensional wall art to display the flowers or han