First of Her Name

If you’ve found your way to this website and are currently reading these words, there’s a good chance it wasn’t by accident. You’re either looking for some stunning interior design service or searching for direction on where to even begin your interior design journey. There are many shows on HGTV and those streaming across platforms and a plethora of information in print. Has the thought ever crossed your mind of where the profession of interior design came from or when it began? And most importantly, who is its founding father or mother? The answer… Elsie de Wolfe, first of her name.


Elsie de Wolfe, born in New York, 1865, is considered the mother of interior design. Though there’s evidence that suggests interior design has been around for a long time, she is believed to be the inventor of the profession as a whole. De Wolfe’s journey began soon after her father passed away. A a result de Wolfe was forced to make a living for herself but didn’t know where to begin. Overwhelmed, she turned to her best friend and lover, Elisabeth (Bessy) Marbury. Elisabeth introduced de Wolfe into acting. Through acting, de Wolfe began set design and amateur costume design for the productions she was a part of.