The Perfect Home Theater

The day has finally arrived! The movie you’ve been waiting months to see has finally hit theaters. You hit up your squad in the group chat checking everyone’s availability. The stars have aligned as everyone is free. Someone opts to buys everyone’s ticket so you’re seated together, plus sis wants the credit card points. You and your girls meet at the theater, grab some overpriced refreshments then look for your seats. You get settled in while the previews play and your anticipation heightens. Finally, the lights get low and the movie begins. You recline your seat and sink into a comfortable nook.

Not even 10 minutes into the movie, the couple next to you engage in soft conversation. What starts off as whispers slowly turn into a more audible conversation that can be heard from the parking lot.  We don’t care that he didn’t put his clothes in the hamper properly Susan, we are trying to watch a movie! Distracted by their banter, you’ve missed the first 30 minutes of the film and have no clue what’s going on. Know what you should’ve done? Just waited until the movie was released on Blu-ray, DVD or your favorite streaming service and watched in the comfort of your home. But you’ll be able to do just that for the next movie and here are the basic essentials for the perfect home theater. <